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Topology in a Server Geodatabase Questions

Question asked by chaseKC on Jul 20, 2018

Hello all, so my team and I have run into a problem with trying to fix topology in a server geodatabase. We are trying to edit topology on stormwater conveyance paths and their associated nodes (line and point layers). The issue we have run into is that the SDE we work in is a child version and the parent version is run by our locality's main GIS office, which does not allow administrative access to the parent. This means we cannot use the ESRI posted workflow for adding a topology layer to an SDE (unregister sde feature dataset, add topology, and reregister). Our GIS office has told us that we must use Data Reviewer in place of using a topology layer to find and fix the errors that exist in the map, but this presents its own list of problems as Data Reviewer has limited topology checks when you do not already have an existing topology layer in the map.


My questions are:

1) Does anyone know of a work around for adding topology to a child SDE?

2) Or if data reviewer is the only method of doing this, what is the process for creating/integrating a custom check


All insight and help is appreciated and if you know of a different method of approaching this problem that my questions do not address, please share! Thanks!