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Customize locator US Single House Addresses

Question asked by noga87 on Jul 23, 2018

Hello Everyone,


Since I did not find any answer for my question I decided to ask here.

I am trying to modify the XML file using the style I mentioned above, but I found some difficulties.

I mapped only House Number and Street Name fields in that locator just for testing.


I would like to match my search result first by street name and then by numer.

If I type in FIND TOOL in ArcMap: House Number and Street Name it gives me a match, but if I type Street Name and Numer it gives me no results.


So my question, is it possible to modify input search so it gives me a result if I type Street Name and then House Number?

I believe that it is somwhere in XML.

I have tried already modify properties of my locator like "Match without house number" to Yes but it search only by giving me Street Name. 

I attached pic with search results.


Thanks for any help,


Best regards,