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Why does editing metadata in two catalog views simultaneously delete py scripts from a toolset?

Question asked by tpcolson Champion on Jul 22, 2018

In Pro 2.2 create a toolbox with several toolsets and several python scripts in each. Open another catalog view and undock it. Edit the metadata for two separate scripts within the same toolset, with one edit session in the docked catalog view and one in the undocked. Make a change to the metadata from the docked UI and save. Close the undocked catalog view then close the metadata editor in the docked view. Navigate to another toolset, then navigate back to the original tool set where script metadata was edited and press the refresh icon. Poof, all of the py scripts are gone. What I was trying to achieve was the Arc Catalog equivalent workflow where I'll have to AC's going (one in each monitor) and I'm editing two separate, but similar metadatas where I have to make the same change to both. Closing and restarting Pro brings the missing scripts back, but I'm well over my patience and endurance limit of Pro workarounds that start with "Close and restart Pro.....".