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Bookmarks Widget - v4.8

Question asked by ochaudhry on Jul 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2018 by ochaudhry

I am trying to use the bookmarks widgets for my web application which has recently been released with version 4.8. The trouble is although I have given my collection of bookmark but when I intialise  the widget object it makes the bookmarks collection to null. It seems like the widget only works if the view is based on a webmap with predefined bookmarks. If I have my own collection <bookmark> of bookmark objects and the widget bookmarks is empty.

for (let item of _config.bookmarksOptions) {
let bk = new Bookmark({
extent: item.extent,

//length of bcollection is 4


let bookmarkWidget = new Bookmarks({
view: vw,
bookmarks: bcollection


//length of bookmarkWidget.bookmarks is 0


Can anyone shed light on this issue.