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Web App Builder config files

Question asked by sberaha_sbc on Jul 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2018 by rscheitlin

We plan to use Web App Builder to create apps that will replace our flex viewer apps. So far, it looks like we will be able to replace all the app functionality we had before. However, it seems that it won't be as easy to change the Web App Builder apps. I wonder how others are managing changes to their Web App Builder apps.


It is easy to modify the configuration of the flex viewer apps by editing XML files. Is there any way to avoid using the Web App Builder GUI to make minor configuration changes in one of its apps? I downloaded one of the apps it created. I see config*.json files, but they are rather complex and do not seem designed for editing.


Here is an example of why we would want to edit config files instead of using the GUI. I spent some time configuring the Query widget. The data source was an AGOL service. Later, I decided to change the data source to an internal service. The fields are the same, so I would have liked to keep the rest of the configuration. However, I lost all that when I changed the data source.


I found the Query widget config file in the downloaded app. If I need to make this sort of change in the future, should I edit the URL in the config file and import the modified app back into web app builder?