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Interaction Issues Embedding Tabbed Map Series In a Cascade Story Map

Question asked by deleted-user-Nnm4j9nzfwuU on Jul 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2018 by deleted-user-Nnm4j9nzfwuU

As the title suggests, I'm attempting to embed a map series within a cascade story map. Simply put, my story map consists of an introduction (Cascade Portion) and ends in the Map Series section.


e.g. The cascade portion of the map is an introduction / description of the organization and the map series at the end shows the X regions in which the organizations operates (each area is in essence a parallel story).


However, I'm seemingly having interaction issues when I go to view the Cascade to Map Series transition. It's fairly minor, the simple issue is that once a user reaches the Map Series the must click on it once in order to start interacting (interactions are enable). What's most infuriating is that this isn't an issue in the builder view, only when viewing the final story map.


Does anyone have experience with embedded dynamic content in cascade story maps? Did you have similar issues making the embedded content the focus? Is this something I will have to resolve through modifying the code base?


Thank you