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Question regarding "Incremental Update" workarounds, custom components?

Question asked by euglena2 on Jul 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2018 by rsunderman-esristaff

This is regarding the Polling feature services for "Incremental Updates blog post. I'm asking this question here as well since I'm not sure if the blog post is still monitored(?)


If I'm understanding the workarounds correctly - I don't think they'll work for us. We're not handling streams of real-time data, but are trying to respond to changes in the data sources - "Somebody edited a field, which changed data the contents of this FeatureData Service". We are potentially looking at millions of records - even retrieving these from the feature data services so that we can apply the workarounds will take a large amount of time.


As a way around this, so that GeoEvents Service remembers the 'last polled' datetime between service restarts, would you recommend that we write custom component that serializes the datetime?


If so - which component? A custom transport component?


Thank you.