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Corine Land Cover joining tables

Question asked by brexhepi on Jul 20, 2018

I am trying to merge Corine Land Cover attribute tables in such as way as to end up with a table that shows every type of land cover present in Kosovo (with area_ha, shape...and all). So that i could go to the attribute table and select the specific types of land covers, and they will appear as selected on the map. I am almost 90% certain that i was able to do this last year, but i can not ever remember how i did it.

I am using the official geodatabase downloaded from Corine. In can be accessed here: 

Any idea how i could accomplish this?



(in attached pics clc1 is the original attribute table; clc22 is the other Corine table that i want to merge with the first; and clc3 is just to let you know what  i was able to do so far and that visually i am getting the results that i want).