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Collector on Windows 10 (mobile) under 7cm accuracy can't submit features because: Location Unknown

Question asked by NorthBay on Jul 19, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2018 by Yashwant.Chauhanesrimuscat-esridist

We have two new Windows 10 Panasonic Toughpads running GNSS Status App (v3.0.0.327) connected to two new Trimble R2 (v5.35) with real-time corrections. In Collector (v18.0.1.0) we can see the accuracy readout showing up to 7cm. Yet the Submit is not available and the heading in the create feature box says Unknown Location. We've tried basic feature layers (editable, sharable) on basic maps. This problem is intermittent and does work on rare occasions but usually does not work. We have 20+ satellites, NTRIP corrections in open skies etc. Location Profile is Default. GNSS Status app displays appropriate NMEA Sentences.

I've tested the exact same setup concurently in iOS and everything works fine. How is Collector different in Windows10 vs. iOS?

Attached are screenshots.

Anything you can offer is appreciated!