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Survey123 Bulk Report Printing

Question asked by LaPlata on Jul 19, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2018 by jroebothamesri-ca-esridist

I attended the ESRI conference last week and was excited to learn about the new ability to bulk print survey reports.

Now that I'm back home and giving it a try, I've run into an issue that I'm hoping someone can help with.

When logged in to Survey123 with my user (the user who authored the survey), I can bulk print reports without issue.


When another user in our organization is logged in, she cannot use the bulk print feature.  She is not able to select a folder location for the exported .zip file to be saved in. 


I assumed she was missing a necessary permission required for this task, but I can't find any setting that seems to fix her issue.  Her user is set as Level 2 with a role of User, which is the same as mine.  

Any ides why the folders wouldn't show up for her to select from?  Is bulk printing limited to the survey author only?