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Will there be a seperate Travers interface to enter coordinates, bearing directions and distances, along with full curve implementation such as arcmap for cogo documents.

Question asked by david.martin on Jul 19, 2018
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I just finished making a doc on how to create a traverse in ArcGIS pro. I could not set a start point other than clicking on the data window. Have I approached this to early or is there something I am missing. We are still in ArcMap 2.1 and also not on with the parcel fabric. The model is such that x,y coords are needed. We have cogo points in our data also. ESRI wants us to move to ArcGIS pro but there are some parts we use that are missing.


The next test step for me is to create an entire environment in ArcGIS pro to start this process over. I used our existing SDE data and converted to the new project type for this first test.