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Portal for ArcGIS license

Question asked by a.dilorenzo on Jul 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2018 by a.dilorenzo

Hi all,
I have a license of ArcGIS Enterprise Standard 10.6 that is regularly under maintenance.
I tried to install Enterprise on a dedicated server, with SSL certificates and so no... but the Enterprise Builder fails at the end of the installation, when verifying the Portal license. I can't generate the license in MyESRI, so I asked my vendor and he answered that I have no right to install and use Portal because I have an "educational license" of ArcGIS Enterprise. Is this possible? I always heard the statment "If you have Server, you have Portal", even watching at all the ESRI Workshops videos related to Server/Enterprise. Moreover, I can not find this thing written on any ESRI official channel. 
Is it possible that it is a mistake/misunderstanding of my vendor? How can I solve?
Thanks in advance.