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Hello! Using coded domains in ArcGIS Online and in an enterprise system...

Question asked by Christina_Hoddinott_Berea on Jul 19, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2018 by deleted-user-qpvAI3Fo0MKR

I am currently working with a geodatabase that uses a letter-coded domain for attributes. For example:


Code                               Description

MH                                   Manhole

CB                                   Catchbasin

and so on and so forth.


I would prefer that these coded values just equaled the description, which is most often single words, but sometimes a few words. The reasoning is because I use all this data in ArcGIS online and am continually adding to it via Collector and it is a total pain to try and figure out what those codes mean out in the field.


Is there any downside to doing this?


I foresee eventually moving to some sort of enterprise database system (I'm really ignorant in this area, so I apologize if I am mis-speaking)... will having longer words as the domain code values cause a problem here?