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Survey hangs on "sending data" screen

Question asked by maritza_mallek@fws.gov_fws on Jul 18, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by Philip.Wilson-esristaff

Hi, I have a major issue with Survey123 that I believe appeared after the version 3 update. Essentially what happens is that, seemingly at random, users cannot submit surveys taken. This survey was working fine last month and the problem does not affect all users. It seems like something has to trigger a fault and then that person cannot submit any surveys. They cannot even copy data from a previously successfully submitted survey and resend. 

I have not been able to determine a specific pattern. I thought it might be tied to number of attachments or total size, but one device was able to submit a complex answered survey without issues. 


What happens most frequently is that one clicks send, and then you get the sending screen. It processes through various steps, including uploading the attachments, and then hangs at the end with the green circle and "sending data."


Once a mobile device stops being able to send data, no other surveys from that person seem to be able to go through until the database is re-initialized. "Fix database" in settings does not resolve the problem. Once the inability to submit surveys appears, the user cannot even go back and edit and resubmit their own surveys.


I have seen the main issue related to 3.0 that comes up is that the applyEditswithGlobalIDs is not true, but it is for us an always has been as we have a repeat with attachments.


At one point I got the rollback error on a device, which I resolved by erasing all the original inputs and then re-entering new ones. After that I got hte hanging error.


I have people doing surveys in the field now who are having to scramble and use paper datasheets, so I would really appreciate any advice. I'm pretty stumped! I will attach my survey123 file below. Please let me know if additional info would be helpful.