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No geo-processing tool runs in Pro, any ideas?

Question asked by Hornbydd Champion on Jul 18, 2018
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Was using Pro 2.2 as normal last week. I did not install any addins or extensions, just using it in my day-to-day use.


Today when I tried to use it, it completely fails. Whilst it opens up and allows me to open a project, I cannot run ANY geo-processing tool, it simply crashes completely or seems to stall at the "running" step. Looking at task manager it is idling at about 5%.


I have completely uninstalled it, even gone into c:\program files and deleted the Pro folder and download the install file from myESRI and reinstalled. Installation runs without error, I start Pro, open a project (local or on network drive) and try something as simple as running the field calculate tool and it crashes or hangs which requires me to end task on task manager.


I appreciate this is a really odd problem, is it something to do with python install? I did install a few weeks ago that anaconda navigator then uninstalled that. Could that have left some corrupting registry setting?


What I can't understand is that I was using it fine last week and now it is unusable...


Arcmap 10.6 is running fine.


I'm using a Windows 8.1 machine with plenty of memory.


Very keen to hear if anyone else is having an issue as right now I can't use any of it!