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How to add Custom UI into the Gauge Template

Question asked by muralidharmoka on Jul 18, 2018

We are tying to change the UI  of the "gauge template" on the Infographic Widget.


Basically we want to add the FeatureCount into the Maximum TextBox instead of the default value of 1000.

So we want to add a select box which loads feature Layers into it and upon layer selection, the featureCount must fill the  Maximum textbox.


We were unable to figure out even how to add the UI. the code is very complicated and don't know where to start adding the UI.  I have attached the UI of the guage Template and green ink is what we want.


Can any one explain how the UI is getting added here from which file etc. Any reference or example link  to understand it.


Thanks in advance for your help.


Muralidhar Moka.