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Question asked by matthysj on Jul 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2018 by matthysj

I have examples of a survey with a username question and the username is not getting populated.  We have just noticed this occurring in the last few weeks (maybe 6 occurrences in the last month out of 1,200 submitted surveys)


The survey is hosted on AGOL and shared with a specific group.  It seems as if the user is able to submit the survey without being signed into Survey123, because the username question is not being populated.


The expected outcome would be:

  • User is unable to submit the survey if they are not signed in to their AGOL account or are not a member of the group with which the survey is shared.
  • User is signed in to AGOL account and a member of the group with which the survey is shared, and USERNAME question is populated in the survey


Does this sounds like a set up issue with the survey(s) (we have noticed this on multiple surveys) or does it sound like a bug?


Please let me know if this sounds like a setup issue, even though this is occurring on less then 1% of our submissions, it does have consequences with our business unit.


  - Jake



Image of survey shared with a specific group:



Image of USERNAME column not getting populated:


Survey123 Connect Definition for the USERNAME question: