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Print widget issues:  image services and dynamic services w/ labels not printing

Question asked by ScottEvans_CCG on Jul 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2018 by ScottEvans_CCG

I have two issues that seem to be somewhat related in that the revolve around the default print widgets available in the GUI version of Web App Builder as well as in ArcGIS Online.   


Issue 1). I cannot print any of my internally hosted image services.  My organization has 6 externally facing image services; none of the services will appear if you try using the print functionality in the AGOL map or using the print widget in WAB builder.  This is regardless of whether I've placed the service as a layer or as a basemap.  The output will only show the other features in the map, eg. other services/layers and/or another basemap (if applicable).  Interestingly, the credits for our organization appear in the bottom corner of the print out (along w/ credits for Esri, HERE, Garmin, etc.) but the imagery fails to appear.


I've researched and tried a few things to fix this issue.  I stumbled upon an ESRI Technical Support article that mentioned to check the maximum X,Y pixel limit for the imagery service.  However, the article does not describe how this is done ... service properties?  Somewhere else?  I did experiment with output map pixel size, as the default it 670x500 px w/ a DPI of 96.  Changed it to a tiny 10 x 10 and was still left an output map sans the imagery.  


Another item I've tweaked is the SOC maximum heap size; changed it from the default 64MB to 256MB to match the application server limit.  No affect.  Even with attempting to print the 10x10 pixel output.  I'm thinking this might not be the remedy.  Although, it is interesting to note there doesn't seem to be a best practices limit to what this max heap size should be set to ... 



Issue 2).  I also seem to be having difficulty printing from internally hosted dynamic map services that have labels enabled.  When a label is enabled on a layer, only the label appears in the print output.  On the flip-side, if no label is present, the feature will appear just fine.  Note this is both with unsecured and secured services.  Admittedly, I have not done too much troubleshooting with this problem (it was just brought to my attention yesterday), however, I was unable to find any other sources out there describing this particular issue ... so I honestly don't know where to begin ...