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Has anyone successfully paired the Lecia GS16 GPS receiver with Collector? 

Question asked by Hugh12 on Jul 17, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2019 by Hugh12

I have been trying to pair a Lecia GS16 GPS receiver with Collector (running on a Panasonic FZ-G1) however I have run into a few issues and therefore I have a few questions. 


I can connect the Lecia GS16 GPS receiver with the Panasonic FZ-G1 and use the Captivate software to connect to RTK and set the NMEA output to;

  • GGA
  • GSA
  • GSV
  • RMC
  • VTG
  • GST

Then in collector I tried to add the GS16 GPS receiver as the location provider however when I try to 'switch' from the integrated receiver to the GS16 GPS receiver (which is connected via Bluetooth) the error message "connection failed" appears. I closed Captivate so no programs were using the GPS sensor and used PuTTY to test the NMEA stream (screenshot attached below).


1) What is the cause of this error message and is there anyway to connect the GS16 directly to collector? Is it not connecting due to an error in the NMEA messages?


After coming across the above issue I then tried to work around it by installing GPS Complete and installing the GPSDirect Driver and selecting the NMEA source as the COM port (COM5) that the GPS receiver is connected too. 

When I test COM5 I can see all 6 NMEA messages being streamed (including the GST message)


Back in collector I selected the integrated receiver as the location provider. The location of the "integrated receiver" was showing the location of the GPS receiver however the Horizontal Accuracy and Vertical Accuracy were shown as 2m when Captivate was showing the true accuracy to be around 25mm. 


Since the accuracy isn't being shown as 25mm in collector I think that Collector isnt reading the GST message through the integrated receiver.


2) Are there any specific setting that are required when setting up the GPSDirect Driver to get the GST message through to Collector? or is the GPSReverse (COM Port Driver) required to be installed?


Miaogeng Zhang

Any help will be much appreciated