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Replication and Geometric Networks, for real......

Question asked by Olesya on Jul 16, 2018

Lately I've found that I'm really digging into replication and it's associated processes. I've been writing a lot of automation scripts that not only complete our replication processes but also deal with schema changes. That brings me to Replication and Geometric Networks, or more aptly, Schema changes and GN.


Through trial and error I've found that when a field is added to a feature class that's part of a geometric network, the results are...strange, to say the least.


On one instance I got the following error : "New schema did not import.ERROR 000752: The replica dataset is referenced by a topology or a geometric network. You need to unregister the topology or the geometric network before unregistering its feature classes. Failed to execute (ImportReplicaSchema)"

Literally the only change that was made was that a field was added. How is that affecting the topology of the network and does anyone have any insight into how we could go about ensuring that schema changes are still going through in these network datasets.