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Set a basemap using a URL?

Question asked by sqowen on Jul 17, 2018

I'm trying to set a basemap using a url rather than one of the built in factory methods (so that the url can be user configurable), but if I replace:


mapView.Map = new Map(Basemap.CreateImagery());




mapView.Map = new Map(new Basemap(new Uri("")));


then I get a blank map. On the other hand, I can use that url to add a BaseLayer, like so:


Basemap basemap = new Basemap();
basemap.BaseLayers.Add(new ArcGISMapImageLayer(new Uri("")));
mapView.Map = new Map(basemap);


and this appears to show exactly the same map as the first example, but doesn't perform as well when zooming in and out. Is there any way I can use the url to form the basemap?