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Any drawbacks to disabling and re-enabling attachments? Or, a better way to get supportsApplyEditsWithGlobalId = True?

Question asked by rblash on Jul 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2018 by rblash

Are there any drawbacks to disabling and re-enabling attachments, aside from losing the attachments that are present? That is no big deal (because there aren't any attachments). I know there are some potential bugs when you disable/enable sync, so I want to make sure this is not the case with attachments also.


Background: I need to get supportsApplyEditsWithGlobalId = True for some layers in a hosted feature service (re-publish is not an option). The layers were originally published with attachments enabled and related on OID (not GlobalID). I believe this is why supportsApplyEditsWithGlobalId = False right now. After testing with some dummy feature services it appears that disabling attachments then re-enabling them will set supportsApplyEditsWithGlobalId = True.


Are there any better ways of going about this? I have a support ticket open, but it's somewhat urgent so I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask here also. Kelly Gerrow any thoughts?


Edit: I know it can't be as easy as updating the property in the JSON, I would imagine that might break something somewhere down the line....