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Esri service legend generator

Question asked by amurdoch_Dewberry on Jul 17, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2018 by amurdoch_Dewberry

How do I generate a legend image for both ArcGIS Server and AGOL services for a Leaflet map?


Similar questions were raised in this posting:

How to get Legend Info from web map services 


I'm trying to do something similar but in the context of getting legend images for both ArcGIS Server and AGOL service REST endpoints.


I've attempted to use this leaflet plugin:
GitHub - w8r/esri-leaflet-legend: Esri leaflet plugin for retrieving map service legends. 

but on testing, it seems to only support legends from an Esri "legend" URL service endpoint. It appears that the "legend" service URL pattern is only available for services coming from ArcGIS Server (Enterprise) instances, but NOT from ArcGIS Online services. 


Also, not every "FeatureServer" hosted in AGOL (at will have a corresponding "MapServer" REST endpoint, unlike what you see with a standard ArcGIS Server/Enterprise setup.


I'm really hoping that someone else can confirm if this assessment is correct, and that the "legend" service URL pattern is only available for standard ArcGIS Server REST endpoints (for both Feature or Map service layers) and NOT for ArcGIS Online services (of any service type).


If so, and if I still need to support legends for AGOL feature and map resources (not just for ArcGIS Server/Enterprise resources), how do I generate the legend image for use in a web map interface (perhaps using Leaflet, or some other framework)? We're not planning on using any Dojo/JSAPI components...


In the AGOL REST service endpoints, there is a Drawing Info Renderer JSON object with all the necessary ingredients (symbol type, colors, sizes, etc), but it would be nice not to have to roll my own legend generator for AGOL services...