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Problem: convert label to annotation not displaying labels as expected

Question asked by jsilburn on Jul 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2018 by chungdcesrivn-esridist
  • I have a feature class layer with 'graduated symbols' symbology selected.
  • I also wanted to display the values on top of each symbol via the use of labels.


However, because of the odd shaped nature of the polygons (street zones), some of the labels aren't being placed exactly on the symbols (see below images -- left is the problematic label, right is expected label).



I have read that in order to manually move labels they need to be converted to annotations. Upon doing this, they vanish below the symbology layer, even though the annotations layer is on top (in the contents pane).



(left: hierarchy of layers, right: annotated labels disappear below symbols)


Any ideas why this is happening?