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How can we import splines into CityEngine for Street Network creation?

Question asked by Geodataavdelningen on Jul 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2018 by raze

If you import say a curve or an arc into CityEngine it always gets chopped up into short segments with control points and straight segments in between. This creates various problems within CityEngine that cannot be foreseen or are not repairable without manual intervention. 


We have tried a lot of different ways to import splines from the formats available to CityEngine but no luck so far. Most of the time we must redraw the streets manually within CityEngine with its own spline tool and that is not economically viable on that scale that we need. The only time we actually seemed to get splines was using FileGDB however that unfortunately turned out as a multidimensional spaghetti (see attached images). Is it possible to successfully import spline graphs into CityEngine and does anyone have a good pipeline for that? Streets are such an important part of CE and I hope there is a solution!


We are a team working with CityEngine as one of our main tools for generating 3d-models for urban planning using GIS-data and automation means everything to our productivity.