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Survey Differences for Owner/Viewers

Question asked by slusarskid on Jul 16, 2018
Latest reply on May 6, 2019 by adunckel_usfs

Hi there, some of our users are noticing some inconsistencies with updated surveys, specifically within the suite of tools (data, analyze). In this specific survey we've added a supplemental question which was appended to the feature service - all of our field surveyors can see that specific question. However, our team that utilized the data via the seem to be looking at an older feature service that does not included the appended question/response. As the owner/publisher of the survey I can see the updated feature service and my export includes the added question. 


I've attached some screenshots of the inconsistency from the data tool. Another interesting note is that when I head over to Analyze and click set viability, the service seems to updated and grab the additional questions. This unfortunately is not transferred over to the data portion. It's an odd situation that I really am struggling to find a solution/work around. Any ideas would be appreciated!