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Collector Map Works on iOS not Android

Question asked by Ecologist_Guy on Jul 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2018 by Ecologist_Guy

I made a webmap with the intent that it could be downloaded to our devices and used offline. The map works on every iOS device I have tested it with, but not with Android devices. The map will download but when I try to open it I receive an error that says "Unfortunately, Collector has stopped working," and then Collector returns to the map download screen. To narrow down the problem, I systematically removed o each from the map and tried downloading it. I believe that the error is caused by my layer called ANERR_Sea_Turtle_Nesting_Survey, because the maps work on both devices unless this layer is included. If it is included the map only works on iOS.


There are only two layers (1) Mile_Markers, and (2) ANERR_Sea_Turtle_Nesting_Survey plus the ESRI basemap.


I'm not sure if it is relevant, but the problematic layer was created by Survey123 Connect. I imported it into ArcGIS Pro so I could calculate a field that was then used to update the Symbology on the webmap. Does anybody have any ideas?


I have already tried uninstalling Collector, clearing the cache, deleting all of the offline data, rebooting the Android device, re-installing Collector and then downloading the maps. I get the same error.


We are in the middle of our field season and all of our crews have Android devices so I'm hoping to resolve this as quick as I can.


Thanks for your help,