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Collector data entry with feature to feature relationships

Question asked by cpeters93710 on Jul 13, 2018


I'm building a file geodatabase with several feature classes (e.g. assessment, camera, platform, etc.) and tables (e.g. camera_check, platform_check) pertaining to field surveys using ArcCatalog 10.5. I created simple one:many relationships between camera:camera_check and platform:platform_check. I bring the FGDB into ArcGIS Online as a hosted feature service and create a web map with the FGDB to use in Collector on iPad and Android devices. Everything works as expected with all the feature classes showing up in the Collector layers and related check tables. I can survey cameras and platforms as independent features with no relationship between a camera and platform.


However, there are times when a camera is setup on a platform creating a relationship between platform and camera. In this situation, I want the user to be able to enter platform data and go straight into camera data entry or tap a platform on the map and view the associated camera like the camera:camera_check relationship workflow. I don't want the user to have to open, record, and submit platform data and then open, record, and submit camera data as if they were two independent records. So in ArcCatalog, I created a one:many relationship between the feature classes platform:camera. Platform and camera datasets show up in the AGOL map, but when I look at the map in Collector, I only see the platform dataset. I have to create or open a platform record in order to access the camera record. This won't work in situations where a camera is set up independently of a platform. 


Is there a way to have both feature classes in a feature-to-feature relationship appear as data layers in Collector? I want to be able to capture camera data whether a camera is set on a platform or on its own. Will I have to create two camera feature classes in the FGDB, one to capture independent cameras and the other to capture cameras set on a platform?