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Georeferenced Images Disappeared After Saving

Question asked by hherold on Jul 12, 2018

Hello.  I'm attempting to georeference a jpeg file for a project.  I've done georeferencing before, but that was at least five major software updates ago.  I've applied my control points and saved the modified file as a TIFF, but when I close the georeferencing tool I can't get the newly georeferenced map to become visible or able to be interacted with.  Furthermore, when I try to save the newly geo-referenced map with a new file name, ArcGIS Pro won't recognize it as a file and let me open it.  It isn't even visible in the add data panel, though I know it is in the folder I am looking in.  Please help me make my new map usable.  I am using ArcGIS Pro with the latest updates.