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Collector - unable to download areas that have been used offline in the past

Question asked by mcilwrde on Jul 13, 2018

Have a map that we have used successfully in off-line mode in the past, but we over the last 2 weeks we have had numerous issues when trying to download a new work area.

After much trial and error, the issue has been isolated to Android users who are trying to download a work area that overlaps with an area that has been downloaded in the past.

iOS users are not impacted.

If Android users download an area that has never been used off-line before, it works.


Not specific to the user account and not specific to the device - neither the original user nor a different user can download the area. Also doesn't matter if they use the same device that was originally used or a different one - same problem


Have gone into the service URL and made sure that any "old" replicas have been removed

Looking for suggestions on how to resolve as we need to be able to re-visit areas.