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Editing Existing Related Records in Inbox

Question asked by wysorj on Jul 13, 2018
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I have been taking advantage of the new nested repeat functionality and love it!  It will finally allow me to have a more normalized data structure for one of my workflows...or so I thought.


I have three tables (Repair Locations, Cut Details and Bid Items) with a one-to-many relationship between each of them.  The workflow involves:


  1. Our repair crews going out and capturing the location of a repair as a point in a hosted feature layer.
  2. A user in the office then adds one or more cuts at the repair location.
  3. An inspector then returns to the site and does a mark out and records the date of mark out, the job status out and dimensions of the cut(s) in the Cut Details table.
  4. The inspector returns to the site after the cut has been repaired by a contractor and records the materials used in the bid items table and updates the job status in the Cut Details table.
  5. The inspector returns again at a later date for a final inspection to ensure the cut is still in good condition and certifies the cut as complete, again in the Cut Details table.


This is somewhat simplified and more data is collected at each step than I detailed.  But the main point is that there are multiple visits to a location during the workflow. I have created three surveys to handle each separate visit to the site by our inspectors (attached below). At each visit, they need to be able to edit existing data in related tables that was edited in a previous step of our workflow.  From my testing so far, it doesn't appear that Inbox supports the editing of existing related features.  Is this correct?


I hope I am just missing something because Survey123 provides lots of functionality that is of great value to our workflow in terms of making fields required, pick lists for users, hiding certain fields, etc. that prevent a lot of issues we have encountered with poor data entry doing this workflow via AGOL web maps and a single feature class.  If editing existing relates is not available, is this something that is being considered for a future release?  Does anyone have suggestions for a workaround?  Thanks!