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File geodatabase invisible to ArcGIS, appears as unknown file type (NOT as folder) in Windows Explorer

Question asked by emanramos on Jul 12, 2018
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Good morning.


I have received several geodatabases from a new client, in a folder which also has several other kinds of data. 


They appear in Windows as files of unknown type, not as folders, and they are invisible to ArcGIS.

Clearly they are not empty as shown by the file size, and I'd like to figure out what is in them before I ask the client for more data.  (Of the other files they gave us, the only one relevant to my project is a spreadsheet with one table of a few dozen point features and a few descriptive fields - the whole thing is only 80kb.)


I'm at a loss.  On other occasions I have looked into geodatabase "folders" from Windows, and at least once I deleted a LOCK file after a crash.  But this time I can't even do that, because Windows doesn't seem to see them as folders at all.  I tried copying one and changing the extension to .mdb - at that point ArcCatalog was able to see it, but of course could not open it. My guess is that the client made some mistake in copying or compressing the files before sending them to us.  What I want to know is if there is a way to retrieve some or all of  the data so I don't have to ask for it again.


Thanks to anyone who can offer a suggestion.


edit:  forgot to add, working in v10.5 on local machine and v10.6 on network.  These GDBs are invisible to both versions.