esriRegAsm errors  for network based solutions

Discussion created by tomas1 on Feb 9, 2011
I am encountering a problem with esriRegasm failing when trying to build a network based solution from an automated build script.  Previously we were able to have our developers working  solutions located on their local directories operating through visual source safe.  Through source safe, we established an equivalent  �??shadow�??  network drive with equivalent network based solutions that pointed to the shadow drive equivalents.  We were able to successfully run a batch build script, which created  dlls and executables from the network shadow drive based solutions.

With the introduction of esriRegAsm, our previously working approach is now throwing an error:

�??error MSB3073: The command "esriRegasm.exe exited with code -1�?�

Our developers�?? local drive equivalent solutions successfully build.  While we could use the builds from the local solutions to deploy with, our preference is to continue using a network based build for ease of use and to avoid any developer machine specifics finding their way into our release builds.  I have examined the forums and found the entry:

While this thread is not exactly our situation, the solution to this user�??s problem appeared to be copying a network based solution to the local drive.

Hopefully there is a way to have the network based solution approach work in the 10 environment.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.