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Public Web App Deployed onto Server Still Calls for Login

Question asked by sescalan on Jul 12, 2018
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I have a web app that I created using WAB Dev. I am on a single machine deployment of Enterprise installed using the Enterprise Builder where Server and Portal are federated. After configuring the app, I downloaded the zipped app file, unzipped it into the www folder on the web server and added the application in IIS, added the app to Portal, and then put the app id into the config.json file of the app. 


Even though EVERY feature layer, basemap layer, the web map itself, and the web app are shared to everyone, and the organization allows for anonymous access, I still get prompted for a login. I have a few ideas of what it could be, but I'm at a loss here because this hasn't happened before. 


1) I have two or three widgets (coordinate conversion, share, and about) on the app that I did not have prior to using the WAB Dev edition. The organization doesn't have an arcgis online account, so if any of those widgets are considered 'premium' that may be the issue. 


2.) I did not add a proxy to the proxy property in the config.json file, as the Esri Support Analyst I spoke to said it wasn't necessary because of my current configuration. I also haven't registered the app yet. The test app I made using WAB Dev did not require a login to view, despite not being registered or having the proxy. However, it was much simpler than the current app I am working on.


Here is the code for the Proxy Property in the config.json file:


"wabVersion": "2.8",
"isTemplateApp": true,
"isWebTier": false,
"httpProxy": {
"useProxy": true,
"alwaysUseProxy": false,
"url": "",
"rules": []


3)  I have pictures in the about widget, and a picture in the app of the organization logo. When I created a web app previously using the Portal Webapp Builder, I never had issues making the application public even though I had the organizational picture in the app. Do I need to upload every picture in my app to the server/portal?


4) I have a few basemaps that are from Esri. I really don't think this is the reason though, as I have never had this problem when using them previously. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I am truly at a loss.