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Partial updates of attributes on a hosted feature service

Question asked by dzeneralen on Jul 12, 2018



Googling around did not yield me any answers, and the docs seemed to only show full updates of a feature in a feature service.


What I'm trying to achieve is:

- Having a scheduled task that updates some attributes

- Having another scheduled tasks that updates a status attribute on the same feature layer


These two tasks will run independently of each other. The problem I'm facing is if task one runs, fetches some data is ready to post back its update, task two has already run during this timeline, and changed the status of a feature. Now when task one posts back the updates, it will overwrite the status to the old value.


If I were to explain it in SQL terms I would have one table with the feature attributes, and one for the status what was joined in on the feature attributes and served as a single layer. The status changes frequently (every 10 seconds), so the second task will run often.


Maybe I'm approaching this the wrong way, either way I would love some feedback on how to solve it better in that case