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Hosted Tile Package with Global Extent wont Publish. 40,000 bundle count error.

Question asked by Brooks_Helyx on Jul 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2018 by Brooks_Helyx

Im trying to publish a Tile Package to ArcGIS Online as a Hosted Tile Layer. The TPK has been generated with global coverage from lvls 0-7, UK coverage from lvls 8-12 and County coverage from lvls 13-15.

The error i get, is because the TPK package has been created with no extent set, so it assumes full coverage at all levels. That's 2,614,580,757 tiles in total. I know for a fact that this is a calculation based on global coverage, which is arbitrary, and when I hit publish, AGOL draws down the tiles from the TPK and <1% of the tiles at lvls 12-15 will be included in the final service:


The problem occurs when i try to publish the tiles for lvl 15:

AGOL thinks (based on the arbitrary values) that lvl 15 contains 99588 bundle files. In fact, lvl 15 only has 2 bundle files and 2 bundlex files.


Now, some people might respond to this by suggesting that, when I Export Tile Cache (to create my TPK), I set an extent around the UK, or even around my County. However, unlike Compact Cache, a TPK applies a clipping mask to whole tiles, such that, my levels 0-7 wont show global and continental mapping for the whole globe, just within my polygon of the UK.


Does anyone have a solution to this? I have tried applying the BUG fix to my TPK as per Bug BUG-000085241, but this doesnt make a difference. Could I edit the values of any of the extents within the TPK archive so that AGOL thinks my bundle files are correct, but still exposes the whole tiles (removes the clipping mask)? I think this is the solution, but thought I would consult the GeoNet for confirmation.


Cheers all