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Pre Packaging Workflow - addRelationship failed

Question asked by markusschenardi on Jul 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2018 by markusschenardi

The firt step in the Pre Packaging Workflow on ArcGIS Online is to create a map area. Since the last AGOL update there is a UI for it - but it doesn't too often no work.

Errormessage (response from the Job):

"type": "esriJobMessageTypeError",      "description": "{\"code\": 10, \"messageCode\": \"OffPkg_ 10\", \"message\": \"Failed to add relationship source b562f73c577649078c413aabf9954db4 , destination 2a24b84b9b66499bbb3363ba270bb45b error GenericSharingRequest to content/users/username/addRelationship failed.\", \"params\": {\"source\": \"b562f73c577649078c413aabf9954db4\", \"destination\": \"2a24b84b9b66499bbb3363ba270bb45b\", \"error\": \"GenericSharingRequest to content/users/scm_geocom/addRelationship failed.\"}}"    },


What exactly is the meaning of these error? 


It seems that the job is trying to create a relation between two objects from which the destination does not exist (at least I cannot find it using