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ArcGIS Pro Map Series Alternative?

Question asked by dmarkey on Jul 10, 2018
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I am attempting to create a project in ArcGIS Pro that produces a series of maps - Boat Maps. Each map is double sided and comprised of a number of insets, of varying sizes. Some of these maps have a single or multiple insets, where as others show a map of a different area on the reverse side. What makes these maps different to the normal run of the mill Map Series is they are comprised of a single data frame (with multiple bookmarks) and multiple map layouts. Also, the inset locations in the layouts vary based on the information in the layout - that is, the insets are placed onto the respective layout in an area that blocks less important geographic information. The location of the legend varies also for this same reason. An example of these Boat Maps is map 6B front, back.


In the past I have used Data Driven Pages in ArcMap, but these have been for less complex map series where insets where not used and non-map elements of the layout remained fixed - except title block elements such as the overview map, title block, scale bar text and scale bar.


Is there an alternative in ArcGIS Pro to Map Series that is more suitable for the project I am attempting to produce?