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Is there a fix to the change extents display problem in ArcMap 10.6 running on a 15" Surface Book 2?

Question asked by geasand on Jul 11, 2018
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There is a problem when changing the map extent in ArcMap 10.6 running on a 15 inch Microsoft Surface Book 2 that contains the NVIDIA GeForce 1060 graphics card.  To illustrate, for a new map session load a base map.  At first it is possible to change extent using the zoom tool or ratio scale tool.  The map immediately refreshes to the new extent.  However, after panning (moving) the map using the PAN tool, map extent changes are no longer automatically displayed.  The only way to see the extent change is to again pan the map.  The graphics card driver is correctly installed.  Is there an ArcMap configuration required?  Or is there a modification required on the graphics card.  Or is it a bug?  NOTE:  ArcGIS Pro works with no problem on the same machine.  I have also already tried reinstalling ArcGIS Desktop.