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ArcGIS Indoors CAD2GIS Tool Not working

Question asked by deleted-user-5JUtcwe3AOpz on Jul 9, 2018

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I have seen some Videos on ArcGIS Indoors, therefore willing to try it out. I have started with the tutorial Videos and got stuck at CAD2GIS conversion. Whenever I add the "CAD Tools.pyt" I don't find the tool as shown in Video Cad2GIS. I only see Tool (pls refer the screen shots below)


Screen shot 1: what I see when I try to add the toolbox given in ArcGIS


Screen shot 2: As shown in the Tutorial Video, Indoor CAD to GIS tool is clearly visible.


Screen Shot3: I see following when I click on the Tool as shown in Screen shot1.


Screen Shot4: When I extracted the ARcGIS file I got following: though there is one file CAD Tool.IndoorCAD2GIS.pyt.xml but If I try to rename it and use it as Python it doesn't work in Toolbox.


Kindly guide where I am going wrong? Also, is it possible to use without geo-referenced DWG files for just sake of trial purpose or all CAD files must be geo-referenced?