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Using video from GoPro 5 Black in Full Motion Video

Question asked by GIS_Specialist_Clemson on Jul 6, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2020 by it.sri

I have some video files captured using a handheld GoPro 5 Black that I am trying to bring into the Full Motion Video (v1.3.2, ArcMap 10.5). I used the multiplexer to combine metadata with the video, and it plays fine in the Video window with proper location, but the frame extents do not display in the map. Has anyone done this before, or can anyone provide insight into the issue?


I used DashWare to extract the metadata (see attached) which should have all the necessary metadata. I cleaned up the metadata and removed fields, recalculated parameters as needed, and saved it. The problem is most likely from my calculations being incorrect, so here's what I've done:


I determined that GoPro records metadata from its IMU/gyroscope in rad/s in Z,X,Y order (GitHub - gopro/gpmf-parser: Parser for GPMF™ formatted telemetry data used within GoPro® cameras. ). According to the convention on that page, Y would relate to the Roll and X to the Pitch. I converted these values to angles, ignoring the Z information because the Heading is also recorded in the metadata. I am wondering if these values relate directly to the angle in which the camera is facing, or if there is additional calculation needed?


I assumed the relative angles/elevations to be 0 because the camera was looking straight forward, and changed the time units to UNIX (they are arbitrary in this case, starting at 0).


Attached are the files (raw file GOPR1721.csv, formatted GOPR1721-metadata.csv)