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Query features and display them  based on real world sizes

Question asked by michaellodes on Jul 5, 2018
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API 4.7



So I got the following problem. I'm trying to display the result features of a query based on their real world sizes like in this example: ArcGIS API for JavaScript Sandbox . As far as i know we cannot use a Graphicslayer to do that as we need to render the different sizes. When using a featurelayer (resultslyr) the problem arises that i cannot use apply edits at the start of the query to erase the previous query result, as the function is only applicable to layers in a feature service. 


Any Ideas as how to

  • display features in a graphicslayer based on their real world sizes 
  • or delete all the features in the resultslayer (featurelayer) without using a feature service for that layer?


Any help appreciated!