ArcGIS Desktop Cloud Setup Concern

Discussion created by hhuang on Jul 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2018 by JBoyle-esristaff

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I understand that there are many benefits when you have your ArcGIS Desktop setup in the cloud. I like to get some insights on what others have done within their organization regarding their ArcGIS Desktop setup. The reason I ask this is that we have a special case here where we are working on a specific project where data are often sent to us externally throughout the day and on a daily basis. We do currently have our setup including our gis data repository in the cloud. The time it takes to migrate the data into the cloud just to view and process it and also having the need to repackage and move out of the cloud back to the client can be very time-consuming. Based on this, I am wondering if it even makes sense to have ArcGIS desktop setup in the cloud. Any input on this matter will be much appreciated.