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updating itemsets.csv for new external choices // external_select questions

Question asked by deleted-user-S67pw5ROhRKh on Jul 5, 2018
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The documentation is a bit thin with regards to external choices/external selects. I have a few questions that I'm hoping somebody could answer:


I understand that I should put the list_names/names/labels into a new tab called external_choices, and after publishing this creates itemsets.csv in the survey's media folder.

            1) After this has been created, can the values in itemsets.csv be modified/updated? Hoping to use external selects as a means updating these drop-down lists updated by exporting fresh CSVs from a SQL database

            2) If "yes" to the above - would updating itemsets.csv be sufficient, or would I also need to update the external_choices tab again?

            3) If "yes" to question number one above - I assume then that I would still need to re-publish the survey to "refresh" the select_one_external values?

            4) Can the data in itemsets.csv be used to supply choices for a select_multiple (select_multiple_external?)


Thank you