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Labels and hatches overlap in ArcGIS 10-4

Question asked by nannasweco on Jul 3, 2018


I'm new at using ArcGIS (ArcGIS Desktop 10.4 to be precise), so I don't really know what I'm doing.. And I've gotten this problem (or two problems actually) that I don't know how to solve and would like your help.


I have added labels to one of my layers (RoSy-veje) and hatches to another layer (RoSy-veje-cyk). My problem is, as you can see from the highlighted area on the attached image, that the hatches are overlapping eachother and the labels are overlapping eachother. Is it even possible to make labels from the same layer not overlap, without losing labels, when the labels are added by one text string/label field? And is it even possible to make the hatches not overlap even though they are from the same layer, without having to split up the layer and change the routes with hatches manually?


I hope that one of you can help (and that my questions even make sense), and thank you in advance!