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Take map screenshot in background service

Question asked by Lance_EMAP on Jul 4, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2019 by paul.haakma

Dear all,


I wonder what is the correct way to make a snapshot of map area in background.

E.g. At 0:00 AM everyday, the background service will generate an image/snapshot of my house with relevant information (10 layers data, picture marker,...).





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Dear all,


I would like to take the image of the map in background service (include layers, graphic,...) but unable to make it work with my own code (.NetCore) or some public services such as (tried with 10 or more - paid or free):

SelectPdf for .NET - Convert from Url to Image - C# / ASP.NET 


It always returns a blank page while it works with browsers such as firefox/chrome.

The URL I want to make screenshot is


My questions are:

1. Is there any configuration that prevent arcgis js files cannot be loaded by background web kit? (I enable cors and other security stuffs at above server in order to making that work)

2. Is there any other good/correct way to make map snapshot image in background service? E.g. I want create an image of an area (with marker, popup,...) daily using a windows service to send to subscribe users


p.s I can make the image from Google Map, Bing Map, and even other pages of my current website (above). It just cannot work with ArcGIS map