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syncing data to a deleted file

Question asked by Deva22 on Jul 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2018 by SPrindle-esristaff

Last October, I created an ArcGIS Online file and sent to my iPad, went out into the field, did some work with it and synced upon return.  I loaded it onto my device because I was going to be out of cell tower range. I thought I was done with the project, so I deleted it from ArcGIS online, but still have it on my computer.


Yesterday, I had to go back out to the field and had forgotten I had deleted it in my Onlineaccount, so took additional data on the iPad.  When I went to sync it back into Online, I discovered that I could not.  I tried to recreate the file from the computer but it wouldn't sync. 


Is there a way to get the data off the iPad?  A beautiful solution would be to download the shapefile, but I am open to other alternatives.  I took 26 points, so even if I had to to get the GPS locational in lat/long or something, I could live with that.


Any solutions?


Thanks, Eva