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Hanging DB connections SQL server 2014

Question asked by ruffinom_ChautauquaCounty on Jul 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2018 by JFarmer-esristaff

Anyone have an issue with connecting to SQL server 2014 via sde database connection from Catalog/ArcMap?

desktop version: 10.6

SQL Server 2014

ArcGIS Server 10.5

Day one:

When computer A trys to open an MXD it cannot open and sits and spins. So I tried computer B to connect to computer A's db user connection, and was successful. In turn freeing up the connection on Computer A. 

Day two:


Computer A's mxd will not open/cannot establish db connection. I try to make connection from computer B, from a blank mxd, and it gets hung up, and keeps spinning. After closing both computer's mxd's, I try to hop on the database server (sql 2014) and make a connection from arcCatalog. It is a success. So I go back to computer B and the connection now works. Then I return to Computer A and the connection also works. (remember the progression)


Day three:

Computer A's db connection does not work, Computer B's attempt at the same connection does not work (nor do any other user connections) , so I try to connect from the server again, this time ArcCatalog gets hung up and will not make a connection. So I open SSMS on the server, and go to Activity log, and kill the process that is my hung up connection on the server. It instantly allows ArcCatalog to establish a connection. So my next step is to go to computer A, and try to make the connection, it does not work. So I go to computer B, and am able to make a connection. Now I go back to computer A and the connection now works. (seems like there is a relation between computer A and B, possibly) . So everyday since the beginning of this, I have had to go into ssms and kill the db conneciton processes. and repeat this process. 


This is a tax map office, and sometimes an mxd is shared, but only one person does editing, so we aren't using versioning. Any help would be greatly appreciated .