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Web App Builder returns data out of order - June 2018 update

Question asked by kgladstein.CALFIRE on Jul 3, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2018 by mvolz47

There is now a big issue for me since the June 2018 update to web app builder. Widgets (search, query) spit out records not sorted in logical order. My web service was produced from data that was sorted properly.


With the June 2018 update, this is a new feature:

I have configured the attribute table to sort properly, but that does not help other fields (Search and query results, domains I set up) that are now randomly sorted. They used to be sorted numerically and in alphabetical order, as my services themselves are built. I have checked. Services sorted properly, attribute tables sorted properly, AGOL a mess.

I wonder if the June update to the attribute table did something to throw this off. Please help.