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App development and ESRI personal use license

Question asked by battend on Jul 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2018 by rhansen-esristaff

I hope someone out there can give me some guidance here.


I am a personal use (non-commercial use) license holder. I am interested in helping out our local hiking trail group, which maintains and improves trails that the US Forest Service is unable to maintain because of insufficient personpower and funds. Having taken a MOOC on GeoApps in February of 2017, I have the skills, with the help of ESRI templates (using ArcGIS online and App Studio) to create a Quick Report native app for Android (and maybe eventually iOS), so trail users with smart phones could note damage to trails and report them to the trail group, through me and my ArcGIS online account.


My question is, am I allowed to do so under the conditions of the personal use license? This would be created as a public service for a non-profit organization, and for which I would take no payment. I have looked at the licensing ArcGIS Runtime app section of the help pages and it has left me confused. On the build page in App Studio, there is a license text box, that says “runtimelite,[and lots of numbers and letters]” along with a little symbol that allows me to “Reset to my ArcGIS runtime lite license key.” Is the “runtimelite,[and lots of numbers and letters] my license key, and does it support native apps installed on a possibly large number of smart phones sending data to my ArcGIS online account? Are there service credits used in doing this, and if so, what’s the service credit use rate? I could envision this app being used by trail group members, but also by locals and even tourists who are visiting for only a day. Alternatively, it could easily be restricted to trail group board and members.


Sorry for all of the questions. I should probably be able to figure out what I am and am not entitled to do by reading my license, but as said, I just get confused. 


Thanks for your help,